Using the laser cutter

So, you want to make cool things with computers and glue… You’re in the right place! We will start things off with some quick introductions and a tour of the space. Then, we will talk a bit about design, software and begin cutting things out using the laser cutter. We’ll wrap things up with a crash course on using Adobe Illustrator.


Lab / Homework

  • Design a simple keychain using Adobe Illustrator. You will be engrave and cut your designs tomorrow during class on the laser cutter.
  • Create a social media account (such as Tumblr) to document your work throughout the semester.


Basic Assembly

We will start things off by showcasing some of your research relating to making stuff. Then, we will learn a few tricks related to laser cutting, basic power tools, glue, clamps, fasteners and sandpaper. During the class, each of you will engrave and cut your keychains on the laser cutter.


Using the X-Carve CNC machine

A CNC machine carves objects out of wood, foam and plastic using various types of router bits. We will be learning how to use the Inventables X-Carve machine that we won during the 50 States Contest. The X-Carve can create things like guitars, skateboards, signs and furniture. We will also learn about different types of wood and router bits.



  • Start designing product 1