Week 1: Using the lasercutter

So, you want to make cool things with computers and glue… You’re in the right place! We will start things off with some quick introductions and a tour of the space. Then we will talk a bit about design, software and begin cutting things out using lasers.


Lab / Homework

  • If you aren’t already familiar with using Adobe Illustrator, please spend a few hours working through the Illustrator CC Essential Training tutorials on Linda. Alternatively, you can also create your designs in Inkscape, Corel Draw, or any program that exports vector files.
  • An important part of being a maker is looking at what other people have made. Please add a comment to this post that contains a link (or a video) to a project that you find interesting. It could include laser cutting, 3d printing, CNC machining, sewing, painting, welding, robotics, etc. We will take a look at a few of the comments at the start of the next class.
  • Develop a concept and a design for your laser cut clock

Assignment 1

  • Daniel Renna


    This video shows the master craftsmen of the Fender Custom Shop creating a fully functional guitar out of cardboard! Ernest Packaging provided a reinforced cardboard design that the builders at Fender then cut and shaped into an incredible sounding instrument. The headstock, neck and body are made entirely from cardboard and they decided to shape the piece by hand as opposed to using the usual CNC machining process. The result was a spectacular display of what can be done with a little creativity and inspiration. In the end, the guitar was brought to Brad Delson of Linkin Park, who approved of the tone.

  • Angela Arguson



    Made by Numbers is an interactive sculpture created by Hush, a design company. They took the company’s business data and translated into a physical form.

  • Rebecca Leader

    Man at Arms reforged recreate a lot of weapons from well known video games and shows. They sometimes need to use a plasma CNC Machine to cut out pieces of the weapons. They also use forging techniques and welding. The video I am including is of them making Oathkeeper from the Kingdom Hearts series but any of their reforged videos could be an interesting watch.

  • Michael Martin

  • Jillian Festa

  • Nick Cenni


    Pretty rad stuff

  • Cameron Leonard

    Just yesterday the world’s first 3D printed pedestrian bridge opened in a park in Madrid, Spain.

  • Natalie La Spisa

    Not something we could build in a class obviously, but this gives a brief overview of the challenges of building intricate fountains that do crazy things. And it all looks so beautiful! If you skip to 0:52, the guy who actually oversaw the design and engineering of the fountains starts to talk.

  • Joanna Lee

    This was my inspiration for my thesis proposal, and as a cosplayer, I thought it was one of the coolest prop making video I’ve seen so far, and hopefully I can make something like this for my thesis project!

  • Chris Stehm

    I stumbled up on this table awhile ago and it still fascinates me. Its a super old table design but this guy decided to make it super perfect with modern tools.

  • Erin Kraemer